Anpost New PostBox

Anpost have a  stylish new post box you can buy for your home.


These post boxes are popping up everywhere on our leaflet delivery routes. They really do look the part. So Anpost are selling them to homeowners and it helps them get delivery of parcels without the need of having to go to the sorting office when they are not home.

In the growing use of internet ordering these are coming in very handy. I wonder did they think they where going to be so popular. Our leaflet delivery staff have been reporting them going up everywhere. Good work from the Irish postal service!

Flyer Design

flyer design

Flyer Design is part of our core business at City Marketing.  We see this area as one of our strongest assets and reviewed about 50 applications when hiring our core designers. After all your leaflet campaign will only be a success if the design, the offer and the call to action is right.

So day to day we carry out Brochure Design, Menu Design, Flyer Design, Leaflet Design if they can print it we can design it!

We charge in the region of 50euro to 75euro per Flyer design and the turn around time is normally same day on a concept.  Our customers are always amazed and really happy with the quality of their designs.

Our Marketing team review all concepts to make sure that all elements of each flyer design is correct and meets all the essential marketing protocols.

Speak to our flyer design team today on 01-636 3188

Flyer Drop and a trick for Takeaways

flyer drop

Tom from City Marketing doing a Flyer Drop

When it comes to a takeaway flyer drop. Citymarketing always have a strategy which is a winner everytime when promoting our regular fast food customers.

Being in the field and the leaflet delivery game so long we know all the tricks of the trade. We know what works for your campaign and what does’nt.

We will give Irish Restaurants and takeaways this little trade secret for free. As a reward for reading our blog.

Always do your leaflet delivery from 2pm onwards, and preferably on a Thursday and Friday to get the best response on the first day of the drop. Use a old school trick of the trade called the “snap back”.

The Snap Back Flyer Drop

When doing a flyer drop around lunch or dinner time and the leaflet goes through the letterbox let the letterbox flap bang down. So this let’s the person know they got mail!

They see the Delicious fast food on offer and are a lot more likely to pick  up the phone that very day.

But sush don’t tell anyone our secret to keeping Ireland’s biggest takeaway brands happy!

door2door leaflet campaigns get big results


Irish homeowners love getting door2door leaflets and flyers with special offers. So interesting new products or services excite them. Think about it a lot of the time you are helping customers when delivering leaflets door2door.

So lets take this example. The kids are going back to school. Mommy wants to get back in shape. Then a door2door leaflet campaign drops a Yoga or Gym flyer in her door! Helpful or what.  The mother follows up and becomes a yummy mummy. Its a win win.

Lets not forget the real reason leaflet delivery works. Its because its done in bulk. door2door leaflets from City Marketing reach 20,000, 50,000, 100,000 homeowners at a time. So when you get your offer or message through that many letterboxes results are much or less Guaranteed. Well considering its a good offer or a service needed by the overall public!

That’s why 80% of the business at City Marketing is repeat business, we make our clients money, sales and win new customers!

It’s Silly Season for Irish Colleges

1st-generationThis week its silly season in the City Marketing office. Colleges are rushing to do the final push on their flyer campaigns. Hitting Irish Homes for potential students.

CAO points are due out this week. Leaving Cert Students 2016 have to decide on a college. Its crunch time on choosing the next step in life for these young students. It’s happening nationwide across Ireland.

Dublin South Central is by far the most popular area to advertise in. Its hard work making sure no competing leaflets ever go out together, So many different colleges are advertising with us. A lot of college managers are fresh back off holidays so now the rush is on.

Students tend to have not made their final choices after letting their hair down after the exams and are confused by such a selection of Colleges and Coarses.  Also not getting their exam results until now makes this time period the time to make the real choices on where to go to College.

Getting a leaflet through their door is a deal breaker or maker for the Colleges adverting at this time. Any money spent on leaflet advertising their College never goes to waste during this period.

With the Irish Economy up a lot of Colleges are making 2016 the big one for and really pushing hard with City Marketing leaflet campaigns.

Contact one of our account managers for any advice on running leaflet campaigns for your college.

Leaflet Distribution gets new customers for Paving Company’s

paving company

We have a number of Paving and Tarmac company’s which use our leaflet distribution services to win new business month in month out .

A typical offer we see being put out by Paving company’s to homeowners is a full drive way “40 square meters of paving for €2950” another popular offer is “30 square meters of limestone for €2950”

These flyer campaigns when done 50,000 leaflets at a time tend to show a very strong response indeed and the Paving company’s running such offers tend to advertise every 3 months.  It is important to work with your City Marketing account manager to choose areas with low renters and give priority of your campaign to homeowners or mature areas in Dublin or Nationwide again your account Manager can help you using CSO data available.

If you are a paving company looking for methods to generate new business month in month out speak to City Marketing Today.