Flyer Drop and a trick for Takeaways

flyer drop

Tom from City Marketing doing a Flyer Drop

When it comes to a takeaway flyer drop. Citymarketing always have a strategy which is a winner everytime when promoting our regular fast food customers.

Being in the field and the leaflet delivery game so long we know all the tricks of the trade. We know what works for your campaign and what does’nt.

We will give Irish Restaurants and takeaways this little trade secret for free. As a reward for reading our blog.

Always do your leaflet delivery from 2pm onwards, and preferably on a Thursday and Friday to get the best response on the first day of the drop. Use a old school trick of the trade called the “snap back”.

The Snap Back Flyer Drop

When doing a flyer drop around lunch or dinner time and the leaflet goes through the letterbox let the letterbox flap bang down. So this let’s the person know they got mail!

They see the Delicious fast food on offer and are a lot more likely to pick  up the phone that very day.

But sush don’t tell anyone our secret to keeping Ireland’s biggest takeaway brands happy!