GPS Tracking Leaflet Delivery

gps tracking

GPS Tracking has given leaflet company’s like ours a real ability to improve our quality control. GPS tracking is one tool to help us assure 100% delivery compliance on your campaign.

City Marketing have invested more in their GPS systems than anyone else. In-fact we have the most advanced real time GPS Tracking system in the industry. We made this huge investment as it helps us greatly in the public procurement and tendering process.  So we win more deals having this technology.

GPS Tracked leaflets does not replace the human element of quality control. We still need supervisors door knocking and our office phoning people to confirm they get your leaflet. But the GPS does add a really strong extra layer of accountability to our process.

The above image at the top of this post is a snapshot from a campaign recently ran in Crumlin Dublin. As you can see we now can see our operators walking into each garden. Amazing technology.