door2door leaflet campaigns get big results


Irish homeowners love getting door2door leaflets and flyers with special offers. So interesting new products or services excite them. Think about it a lot of the time you are helping customers when delivering leaflets door2door.

So lets take this example. The kids are going back to school. Mommy wants to get back in shape. Then a door2door leaflet campaign drops a Yoga or Gym flyer in her door! Helpful or what.  The mother follows up and becomes a yummy mummy. Its a win win.

Lets not forget the real reason leaflet delivery works. Its because its done in bulk. door2door leaflets from City Marketing reach 20,000, 50,000, 100,000 homeowners at a time. So when you get your offer or message through that many letterboxes results are much or less Guaranteed. Well considering its a good offer or a service needed by the overall public!

That’s why 80% of the business at City Marketing is repeat business, we make our clients money, sales and win new customers!