Advertising Yoga Classes

Advertising Yoga Classes
Advertising Yoga Classes is easy. If you are looking for marketing methods to get people to your Yoga Classses we could have the answer in leaflet delivery.

Direct Mailing or Leaflet Delivery to the local community is a great way to get a lot of traction and new customers to your Yoga Class.

Yoga is big business and the awareness is now greater than ever with many people eager to find a local Yoga Class. A leaflet can serve as a form of invitation or that little pull they may need to have them come along.

When doing a leaflet campaign it is vital to consider doing at least 10,000 to 20,000 leaflets to get traction. Use a leaflet company as you will find out it takes almost 1 day to deliver 1000 leaflets yourself.

10,000 Leaflets will give you the traction you will notice.  Recommended size of print would be DL or A5 130gram. Always make sure its double sided. Never use a single sided flyer as if it lands facedown going through the letter box the customer wont see your message.

Always do solid research to use a trustworthy leaflet delivery company.