leaflet distribution work


We are hiring for Leaflet Distribution Work. It can be a very rewarding career, and supply you with a good income when compared to working in Retail or other manual labor.

First off it’s important to know that leaflet delivery is hard work it takes 7 to 8 hours to deliver 1000 leaflets. That’s 8km of walking a day!

You are highly managed in regards that you carry a gps tracker and wear a bodycam, but the day goes buy quickly, you stay super fit and the money is paid to you at the end of each week!

The team leaders are good to work with and the daily payments are very good.

Drop your details to info @citymarketing.ie


Anpost New PostBox

Anpost have a  stylish new post box you can buy for your home.


These post boxes are popping up everywhere on our leaflet delivery routes. They really do look the part. So Anpost are selling them to homeowners and it helps them get delivery of parcels without the need of having to go to the sorting office when they are not home.

In the growing use of internet ordering these are coming in very handy. I wonder did they think they where going to be so popular. Our leaflet delivery staff have been reporting them going up everywhere. Good work from the Irish postal service!

Reaching allhomes


So delivering leaflets to AllHomes in your area is your mission. You want to reach every single house.  However at least 20% of letter boxes now have no junk mail signs.

There is no real law around junk mail signs however it does annoy people if you leaflet no junk mail doors so we avoid this. Cases of Newspapers, free magazines and political correspondence tend to break the rules and we can deliver these to doors with nojunkmail signs.

We would recommend people just doing leaflet campaigns to avoid no junk mail doors when possible as its more hassle than its worth. People have a passion for their junk mail signs.

Leaflet Distribution Jobs

leaflet distribution jobs

City Marketing is interviewing for leaflet distribution jobs. So after reading these tips apply below.  Its hard work but its fun and good pay.

Do you have what it takes for our leaflet distribution jobs? 

  • We are looking for team leaders & delivery staff for leaflet distribution jobs nationwide.
  • Our leaflet distribution jobs entail delivering leaflets through residential letterboxes both in Dublin and Nationwide.
  • The money is great!
  • The work however is hard ensuring all leaflets go out on time.
  • You will deliver 1000 leaflets a  day.
  • A typical day is 8 hours working as part of a team.
  • A generous bonus structure is in place.
  • It is vital our staff are on time, deal with the public well, and are honest.
  • All staff are required to wear a GPS tracking pager at all times.

Still interested ? Mail info @citymarketing.ie or give us a call .  If you have experience doing leaflet distribution jobs in the past even better!