Dentist Advertising changing the game

dental leaflet

Dentist Advertising : we drive business to dentists with leaflets

Dentists and Orthodontists were prohibited from any form of advertising until recent years. The governing body the dental council of Ireland changed the rules and allow them to advertise now.

It was a good move by the council. It could not have come at a better time.

Dentist Advertising has transformed community practices into destination locations for the latest veneers , crowns  , cosmetic treatments and the latest in innovative implants. All big ticket treatments driving new revenues into the dentists advertising.

Leaflet advertising is a game changer for our dental customers who have been experiencing exciting growth as they have gotten their advertising formula and offer down to a tee.

Here are our tips from campaigns we have got great response from

  1. Have 50,000 to 100,000 flyers delivered,
  2. typical cost 37 per 1000 leaflets deliveried
  3. Drop your campaign towards the end of the month
  4. Your offer should request an instant low deposit
  5. Offer a monthly finance plan as the treatment is done
  6. Focus your main offer on high ticket items like Veneers, Crowns
  7. Have your reception ready to not only take calls but follow up with your potenial patents.
  8. Ask for referrals your patients will known someone close to them looking for something similar.
  9. Repeat the process every six months.

Speak to our sales team today and they can help you with a campaign.