Ireland’s Fastest Growing Leaflet Delivery Company


City Marketing is growing rapidly, en-fact going on our 2017 account filings we are now Ireland’s fastest growing leaflet delivery business.

Our business is now in “hyper-growth” and we are constantly improving our monitoring, management and foot print.

So far in 2017 we have implemented the following

  • Letterbox Check
    (this is the most advanced GPS monitoring solution on the market) Other operators fool customers by just sending out the same screen shots of GPS reports, City Marketing actually give you access to our live monitoring systems so you can see your leaflets going out as it happens!
  • Nationwide Coverage and Apartment delivery
    Using a postal operator we know have 100% coverage, this is incredible so weather you want to cover apartment blocks in Dublin which account for 30% of homes.

Or maybe you want to cover a small village on the outskirts of Mayo, we can get it done, in roughly 5 days to a week and a half turn around.

  • The best pricing
    When compared to other operators a recent survey is showing our prices in the region of 40% less. When it comes to direct marketing its all about getting out the most leaflets possible for your spend. So in return when a customer joins us gets a better price a better response, we retain that customer.Our pricing is lean as we have built our operations from the ground up keeping overheads low. Legacy providers have built up too much debt and overheads and find it extremely hard to match our pricing while delivering the same level of service.

City Marketing is an exciting place to work and we are currently hiring at the moment, Account Managers and part time Customer Support. Please contact info if interested in these roles based out of Dublin 15.

We would like to thank all the customers, Small and Large Business who have supported us up to this point. We promise to work harder than ever in marketing your business!


Meet us at Bizexpo Dublin


City Marketing will have an exhibition stand this year at Biz Expo. The event is the highlight of the year of networking events for Small Business in Ireland and ran by Ireland’s leading local  business directory.

It look’s like the event will be extremely busy on the day from all the chatter on social networks. It’s your chance to meet with City Marketing face to face.

We hope to meet lot’s of new customers on the day and show them how
direct marketing by leaflets can really help the growth of their business.

We will also be launching our Business 2 Business offering on the day, meaning customers can now do large B2B leaflet campaigns as well as B2C campaign’s.

This is a real milestone for City Marketing and has taken a lot of resources to get off the ground.

The event takes place at City West Hotel , April 29th, for your free ticket to go

leaflet distribution work


We are hiring for Leaflet Distribution Work. It can be a very rewarding career, and supply you with a good income when compared to working in Retail or other manual labor.

First off it’s important to know that leaflet delivery is hard work it takes 7 to 8 hours to deliver 1000 leaflets. That’s 8km of walking a day!

You are highly managed in regards that you carry a gps tracker and wear a bodycam, but the day goes buy quickly, you stay super fit and the money is paid to you at the end of each week!

The team leaders are good to work with and the daily payments are very good.

Drop your details to info


Advertising Yoga Classes

Advertising Yoga Classes
Advertising Yoga Classes is easy. If you are looking for marketing methods to get people to your Yoga Classses we could have the answer in leaflet delivery.

Direct Mailing or Leaflet Delivery to the local community is a great way to get a lot of traction and new customers to your Yoga Class.

Yoga is big business and the awareness is now greater than ever with many people eager to find a local Yoga Class. A leaflet can serve as a form of invitation or that little pull they may need to have them come along.

When doing a leaflet campaign it is vital to consider doing at least 10,000 to 20,000 leaflets to get traction. Use a leaflet company as you will find out it takes almost 1 day to deliver 1000 leaflets yourself.

10,000 Leaflets will give you the traction you will notice.  Recommended size of print would be DL or A5 130gram. Always make sure its double sided. Never use a single sided flyer as if it lands facedown going through the letter box the customer wont see your message.

Always do solid research to use a trustworthy leaflet delivery company.

GPS Tracking Leaflet Delivery

gps tracking

GPS Tracking has given leaflet company’s like ours a real ability to improve our quality control. GPS tracking is one tool to help us assure 100% delivery compliance on your campaign.

City Marketing have invested more in their GPS systems than anyone else. In-fact we have the most advanced real time GPS Tracking system in the industry. We made this huge investment as it helps us greatly in the public procurement and tendering process.  So we win more deals having this technology.

GPS Tracked leaflets does not replace the human element of quality control. We still need supervisors door knocking and our office phoning people to confirm they get your leaflet. But the GPS does add a really strong extra layer of accountability to our process.

The above image at the top of this post is a snapshot from a campaign recently ran in Crumlin Dublin. As you can see we now can see our operators walking into each garden. Amazing technology.

Anpost New PostBox

Anpost have a  stylish new post box you can buy for your home.


These post boxes are popping up everywhere on our leaflet delivery routes. They really do look the part. So Anpost are selling them to homeowners and it helps them get delivery of parcels without the need of having to go to the sorting office when they are not home.

In the growing use of internet ordering these are coming in very handy. I wonder did they think they where going to be so popular. Our leaflet delivery staff have been reporting them going up everywhere. Good work from the Irish postal service!



Leaflets and your overall design is vital. So we have hired the best graphic artists and marketing gurus in the industry. We are delighted to announce we can now offer our printing at a wholesale cost. We make our money on the delivery after all.

What size leaflet should you do?

We recommend the following

An A5 130gram leaflet which costs less than 200 euro for 20,000 prints

A 170gram DL leaflet which can cost less than 150 euro for 20,000 prints


A A4 folded into a takeaway menu again we can get you a price cheaper than anyone else.

Did you know we also do next day print if we get your order before 3pm we can have it for 9 am the following morning?

Call our sales team and ask about leaflets on 01-636 3188

Flyer Design

flyer design

Flyer Design is part of our core business at City Marketing.  We see this area as one of our strongest assets and reviewed about 50 applications when hiring our core designers. After all your leaflet campaign will only be a success if the design, the offer and the call to action is right.

So day to day we carry out Brochure Design, Menu Design, Flyer Design, Leaflet Design if they can print it we can design it!

We charge in the region of 50euro to 75euro per Flyer design and the turn around time is normally same day on a concept.  Our customers are always amazed and really happy with the quality of their designs.

Our Marketing team review all concepts to make sure that all elements of each flyer design is correct and meets all the essential marketing protocols.

Speak to our flyer design team today on 01-636 3188

Flyer Drop and a trick for Takeaways

flyer drop

Tom from City Marketing doing a Flyer Drop

When it comes to a takeaway flyer drop. Citymarketing always have a strategy which is a winner everytime when promoting our regular fast food customers.

Being in the field and the leaflet delivery game so long we know all the tricks of the trade. We know what works for your campaign and what does’nt.

We will give Irish Restaurants and takeaways this little trade secret for free. As a reward for reading our blog.

Always do your leaflet delivery from 2pm onwards, and preferably on a Thursday and Friday to get the best response on the first day of the drop. Use a old school trick of the trade called the “snap back”.

The Snap Back Flyer Drop

When doing a flyer drop around lunch or dinner time and the leaflet goes through the letterbox let the letterbox flap bang down. So this let’s the person know they got mail!

They see the Delicious fast food on offer and are a lot more likely to pick  up the phone that very day.

But sush don’t tell anyone our secret to keeping Ireland’s biggest takeaway brands happy!

Community backs Al Porter’s Tallaght Leaflet Campaign

tallaght leaflet

Tallaght Leaflet Campaign gets community behind local Hero.

Top up and coming comedian Al Porter recently did a leaflet campaign with City Marketing. Al Porter has tremendous support from his local community in Tallaght , South Dublin.

So when nominated for an IFTA Award Al Porter contacted City Marketing and we supplied leaflet design, printing and delivery to all the homes in Tallaght.

Tallaght, has in the region of 25,000 households. So Al sent a leaflet out before the Irish Film and Television Awards asking his fans to give him a Vote online in the peoples choice awards for him at the IFTA’s.

He had a lot of competition which included Vouge Williams and other top Entertainers / Celebrity’s.

The community of Tallaght really showed up and got behind him, and Al Porter scored what is the biggest award of his career to date.

al porter

He is dubbed the up and coming next Graham Norton. Al Porter is currently selling out shows across the UK and Ireland see for tickets.

Well done Al Porter you legend!!