Ireland’s Fastest Growing Leaflet Delivery Company


City Marketing is growing rapidly, en-fact going on our 2017 account filings we are now Ireland’s fastest growing leaflet delivery business.

Our business is now in “hyper-growth” and we are constantly improving our monitoring, management and foot print.

So far in 2017 we have implemented the following

  • Letterbox Check
    (this is the most advanced GPS monitoring solution on the market) Other operators fool customers by just sending out the same screen shots of GPS reports, City Marketing actually give you access to our live monitoring systems so you can see your leaflets going out as it happens!
  • Nationwide Coverage and Apartment delivery
    Using a postal operator we know have 100% coverage, this is incredible so weather you want to cover apartment blocks in Dublin which account for 30% of homes.

Or maybe you want to cover a small village on the outskirts of Mayo, we can get it done, in roughly 5 days to a week and a half turn around.

  • The best pricing
    When compared to other operators a recent survey is showing our prices in the region of 40% less. When it comes to direct marketing its all about getting out the most leaflets possible for your spend. So in return when a customer joins us gets a better price a better response, we retain that customer.Our pricing is lean as we have built our operations from the ground up keeping overheads low. Legacy providers have built up too much debt and overheads and find it extremely hard to match our pricing while delivering the same level of service.

City Marketing is an exciting place to work and we are currently hiring at the moment, Account Managers and part time Customer Support. Please contact info if interested in these roles based out of Dublin 15.

We would like to thank all the customers, Small and Large Business who have supported us up to this point. We promise to work harder than ever in marketing your business!


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